Running a badminton Club

Hi ....., I am putting together a web site for all English badminton clubs, organisations & groups.

Why...? Whilst there are a lot of badminton web sites, particularly for individual clubs there is no central place to look for badminton in England.

About "Badminton Club Finder"

Badminton Club Finder is a website for any badminton club, group or organisation. The objective is to hold every badminton club in a single place. This will help players new or current to find a club local to them.

The website provides a search screen allowing search for clubs near to a postcode or search on other club information.

To add your club to the website is free. There are is no cost to add your club or to use the website.

Should you wish to remove your club from this site (not sure why you would want to do this) then just contact me and I'll take your club off.

There are not really any rules should you wish to add a club, you do not have to be affiliated to any badminton orgainsation, you don't need to run a team, you don't really need to be a club, you could be a few friends who get together regularly. You will need a name for your club/group.

You can add your club yourself using the 'Add Club' link at the top of the page. Alternatively please email me (simon) with club name, address, contact name & email, plus any other information and I will add you to the site.

About Me

I enjoy playing badminton, however the badminton in my area is on the decline (and, I suspect in other areas also), therefore if players can find clubs more easily they may play more. Badminton is a really great sport and the more people who discover it the better.

Contact information

email (simon).